Optimized for your home.

We design custom home theaters perfectly for your home. We consider all the variables, such as space, sound, light, and many more, when optimizing your one-of-a-kind home theater.

Home theaters range from multi-media, multi-purpose rooms to a full-blown, dedicated theater spaces. 

A home theater is the single most expressive category for our clients. Sight, Sound & Security carefully designs the perfect home theater based on your vision, available space, and budget. 

We design, you enjoy.

There are so many variables that are considered in building the ultimate home theater. But, we've got you covered. We design home theaters that are perfect for your needs and desires. While our creative team designs your ultimate home theater, kick up your feet and prepare for the show of your life. 

The science of sound, mastered.

Perfectly placed sound is crucial to the home theater experience. Our auditory experts calibrate your home theater's sound system perfectly to your needs. We partner with the best manufacturers such as Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo, Sony, Bose, and more. From 5.1 surround to 9.2 dolby atmos, sound is a science and a critical aspect to the ultimate home theater experience.