The Best Home Tech Ideas for Safer, Simpler, More Secure Home

The Best Home Tech Ideas for Safer, Simpler, More Secure Home

The best and simplest systems, products, and ideas for a smarter, safer, more secure home. 

Let’s face it, it’s been almost 20 years since the year 2000. In that amount of time, the world’s changed more than we could have all imagined. Gone are the days when Nokia’s were considered the pinnacle of technology, which since then has come a far way. That being said, why are most of us still living with door locks and thermostats that haven’t changed all that much since they were invented? It’s 2017, and you might not realize it, but there’s plenty of smart technology out there at affordable prices to help keep tabs on our homes, save energy, and keep our lives more secure.

Smart Security Cameras

An essential to any security system is a good security camera. The same goes for any good smart home. There are plenty of options out there that connect via wifi to your smartphone or tablet. These cameras are easily installed, and various options include features such as smart alerts when movement is detected. These cameras from companies such as Nest, Homeboy, and Skybell, offer live feeds and help homeowners secure their homes remotely.

Smart Locks

At the top of any list of items for home security is the lock. Whether they be for doors, windows, gates, or anything else, almost every room in a house has a lock of some sort. Basic locks with physical keys can be picked, broken, left unlocked, or bypassed in any number of ways. Going along with the theme of smartphone connected smart devices, smart locks from companies such as Yale, August, and Danalock offer functionality such as wifi connectivity and the ability to control them remotely, as well as integration into smart home hubs and systems that connect all home smart devices. Not sure if you locked the front door before going to work? Problem solved with a smart lock.

Sensors, Smoke Detectors, etc.

A third category of smart home security devices comes in the form of a number of different sensor devices that can be used. These sensors can range from remotely controlled motion detectors that alert users to smart smoke detectors, and are essential parts of a comprehensive smart security system.

Security systems have never been simpler, and can even be installed by your home internet provider, or bought as kits from companies such Adobe and iSmartAlarm. Staying safe and secure should be easy, and by using smart devices, which have made life so much easier in so many other regards, we can all feel more relaxed about staying that way.

Carl Hatton