Staying Safe at College

Going to a new college can be an overwhelming and scary experience for many people. New people, places, cities, and campuses, can all be challenges in themselves, and staying safe and secure at college can make transitioning into a new place much easier.

Staying safe on a college campus should and can be easy.

The following tips are essential to feeling and being safe on campus.

Get to know your campus and its resources.

Most colleges have some kind of security/campus police who are committed to keeping students safe. Save their phone number, and find out if they offer services such as picking up students at night within a certain radius from campus. Some campuses also have safety apps that can be used when walking alone, and most have blue light emergency stations in case of an incident or somebody in need of help.

Double check locks.

We’ve all done it. Almost every college student has either forgotten to lock their door or left a window open at some point. Unfortunately, no matter how great students might be on campus, you can never be too sure. Always make sure your doors and windows are locked and any valuable items are placed out of sight or even in a safe.

Use good judgement.

For many people, college is a time to try new things and have fun with friends, but as we all know, people make mistakes, and put themselves in harms way. When going out on weekends, always use good judgement and make sure friends are keeping an eye on each other. Stay with people you know as much as possible, and always let someone know where you’re going to be if you’re going somewhere.

Safety and security at college can be a very daunting task for some people, but using the resources available on campus, using good judgement, and keeping your belongings secure at all times.