Sound Bites: Sonos

Introducing our new blog series: Sound Bites, where we take small bites out of the audio industry and share them with you. This week we'll be tackling Sonos.

Sonos is a super exciting and innovative brand - especially since all of there products will be integrated with Amazon's Alexa technology. 

Here are our top choices:

1. Best Buy for the Budget: Play1

The Play1 is a great start for home audio. It has crisp, clear sound - especially for it's price point of just $250. The Play1 can also link with other Sonos products via Bluetooth.

2. Bass Lovers: Sonos Sub

This piece adds amazing, out-of-this-world bass. It's great for areas of all sizes. It pairs seamlessly with all Sonos products.

3. Big Space, Bigger Sound: Play5

The Play5 uses 6 amps and drivers to fill any space with crisp, clear sound. It also can be paired with another Play5. 

4. For the TV: Playbar

The Playbar perfectly complements any tv with rich and orotund sounds. Its low profile makes the Playbar fantastic for any space.

The greatest part about Sonos is that all of their products can seamlessly connect wirelessly. Also, they announced that they plan to massively innovate in the next few months - we're excited to see where they go.