How To Make Your Home More Safe

How To Make Your Home More Safe

We all want to turn our home into a haven. Here are a few tips to make your home more safe:

1. Install smoke detectors and check them regularly.

2. Install carbon monoxide detectors in the correct places and check them regularly. 

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed as close to the floor as possible - NOT where smoke detectors should be installed. 

3. Store valuables, firearms, and important documents in a safe.

A safe provides you with another layer of security in the event of a burglary.

4. Close your curtains and blinds when you are not home.

Strangers should not know what's inside your home - so try to keep your curtains and blinds closed.

5. Install landscape lighting to deter burglars from entering.

Light is burglar's biggest enemy - plus, landscape lighting makes your residence look and feel amazing.

6. Remove mail slots in your door.

Mail slots make your door weaker, thus, easier to kick or break in. 

7. Plant thorny or thick bushes in front of ground level windows.

Although seemingly silly, bushes can act as another layer of protection against intruders - and they look pretty.

8. Purchase a home security system and outdoor surveillance cameras.

Don't be a burglar's next victim - be proactive and gain peace of mind today.