8 Important Features Your Surveillance Cameras Should Have

Don't be a burglars next victim.

8 Important Features Your Surveillance Cameras Should Have

In our world, it's becoming more and more important to have home security or surveillance cameras. It's important to be in the know - always. Here's what your surveillance cameras should have: 

1. Motion Detection: Your cameras should always have motion detection capabilities - 

2. Large Field of View: Make sure that your security cameras have a wide field of view - so you don't need as many. Try to get cameras that have a 130-degree or wider field of vision. 

3. Sound: Your cameras should have a mic for recording capabilities. No debate here.

4. High Resolution: This is a huge differentiator - your cameras need to have high resolution. If you happen to be the victim of a crime, high resolution footage helps you and your family get justice.

5. WiFi Capability: Make sure that your cameras connect to WiFi so they can be integrated and accessed. 

6. Night Vision: You would be surprised to know as to how many security cameras do not have night vision (!). Be sure to research all of the features of your prospective surveillance cameras before purchasing them - and night vision should absolutely be included.

7. Affordable Cost: Don't let people overcharge you for surveillance cameras - this happens all the time. Do your research to find the best deal on the same or similar cameras. 

8. Digital Integration: Along with WiFi capabilities, make sure that your surveillance camera system has digital integration with your smart home or smartphone. Many of them can connect with apps, so peace of mind is just a few swipes away. 

Surveillance cameras are becoming a necessity in our world. Don't be a burglar's next victim - do your research and start gaining peace of mind for you and your family today.