5 Home Security Essentials

If you don't have an alarm system, at least have these 5 essentials to make your home safer, simpler, and more secure. 

1. High Grade Locks: Make sure that all of your doors and windows properly lock - you'd be surprised to know how much of America doesn't even have properly functioning locks.

2. A Locking Garage: Did you know that most garages, new or old, can easily be pushed up with little force by burglars? Invest in a garage lock - they are available at most home improvement centers.

3. Great Landscape Lighting: Burglars do not like light - that's a well known fact. Adding landscape lighting to your home not only adds aesthetic value, but also deters burglars. 

4. Security Bars: In addition to having high grade locks, consider investing in a couple security bars for your doors and windows.

5. Dog: This is cliche and classic, but having a dog deters burglars from entering your home - no matter what kind of dog. 

Although having these 5 essentials is a step in the right direction, a high-quality security system is the ultimate way to gain peace of mind.