On Amazon's Echo

Amazon's Echo is arguably one of the greatest technological innovations of the past decade - are you missing out?

The best thing about the Echo, outside of its affordability, is its technology and how it can make your home more advanced. The Alexa technology is extremely powerful, and it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to virtual assistants. Many people just view the Echo as an extension of Amazon - which it is - but it is much, much more than that.

Here's what how the Echo will make your home more advanced:

1. Stream Music with a Simple Command: To stream music or any form of audio, simply ask Alexa, sit back, and enjoy. Alexa can easily connect to your home audio system via bluetooth (Sonos is currently in the works of creating a partnership with the Echo - so stay tuned). 

2. Calendar Integration: Each member of your family can create a separate profile that integrates with their individual calendars, so you'll never double book again. Sync Alexa with your calendar for seamless scheduling. 

3. Climate Control: Integrate your cloud-connected lights and thermostats to control the ambiance around you with a simple command. 

There is so, so much coming from Amazon's Echo. Don't miss out on this amazing piece of technology.