AirBnB Safety Tips

Have you stayed in an AirBnB? Check out these tips to stay safe and secure during your next stay.

"As with any great idea though, there are caveats and downsides, one of those being safety and security."

Airbnb, the wildly popular home rental service brought a new dimension of ease to the rental market. With a few taps of a smartphone screen, almost anyone can rent out an apartment for a week, or a beach house for a weekend. As with any great idea though, there are caveats and downsides, one of those being safety and security. While the majority of Airbnb renters and hosts get along without a hitch, every now and then, a horror story comes out about the service, such as when a man was locked into an apartment he rented on Airbnb by the host, and a woman was told to leave her rented house because of her race by the owner. To make your life easier, here are a few tips on making sure you’re as safe as possible and your stay is as amazing as it should be. 

1. Always Research 

This is one of our first recommendations for almost all our topics, but really, it’s that important, especially here. Check owner reviews, which can help you determine how friendly they have been with other renters, and whether or not to expect some bumps along the way. Make sure pictures and descriptions match up, and seem genuine. Get in touch with the owner and get a feel for what kind of person they might be. Also research the area around a potential Airbnb rental. 

2.  Set Expectations 

Before arriving at a rented Airbnb, it’s usually a good idea to make sure you have both yours and the owner’s expectations set and understood on both sides. Communication is key, as with any relationship, and Airbnb is no different.  

3. Have Emergency Contacts 

As any traveler knows, it can be extremely beneficial to have an emergency contact back home. Give someone your numbers, emergency contact info, and let them know where you’re going and what to do in case you have an urgent problem. 

4. Be a Good Guest 

Nothing irks a homeowner more than seeing another, unfamiliar person wreak havoc on their personal property, or maybe even home. Some people get very territorial and protective of their belongings, which is one of the biggest ways staying at an Airbnb differs so vastly from a conventional hotel. That stuff is someone’s personal belongings that they payed for a took care of, and being a good, gracious, considerate guest is the best way to ensure nothing goes awry during your stay. 

Enjoy the convenience and ease of use of Airbnb, but always make sure to take the above steps to guarantee the best stay possible. Make sure to check out our post on travel safety, which goes well with this topic, and happy renting.