Is wireless the better option?

Wireless: A Misconception
Everyone wants wireless. Wireless charging, wireless tvs, wireless phones- okay, that one was definitely successful- wireless wireless wireless. Sure, wireless is convenient, clean, and cool. The allure of these factors make wireless systems out to be the next logical step in the technology industry. Samsung is doing it with their wireless charging, Netflix is doing it with wireless streaming, everyone is doing it. And, they have definitely been successful and mostly reliable. Trust me, wireless is awesome. But as far as a home theatre and communications systems go, there are some serious drawbacks. 

Wireless home systems can be unreliable. For example, how many times has your wifi had a poor connection? This is okay for just surfing the web and perhaps some short news clips or Youtube videos, but for streaming live tv or Netflix, wifi needs to be absolutely strong not only in one place, but all over your house. Unless you have 2-3 wifi routers, the chances that your internet is equally distributed in your house is impossible. Just imagine watching Netflix and having your system buffer every two minutes. Makes you want to flip a table doesn't it? 

Wireless systems can also be insecure. Any intermediate hacker could probably get into your home wifi if they wanted to, it truly can be that easy. A wired system is protected, a hacker would have to have direct access to take control of the system.

Lastly, wireless systems are not easily upgradeable. Whether you want to upgrade your wireless speakers, tv, receiver, etc. it probably will require a whole system upgrade due to compatibility issues. 

Wireless is undeniably cool, but as of now, be aware of the drawbacks.