Clash of the Titans: Nuvo v. Sonos

Music has always been popular. Even your cave man ancestors enjoyed a lively tune around he crackling campfire.

But, they did not have the opportunity to experience high quality sound as you do now. Technology has enabled you to be able to listen to concert-like audio in your very own home, or, if you're feeling primal, even around the (artificial) fire pit that you have on your patio. 

If you are looking to purchase a custom sound system for your home, the inevitable question arises: Nuvo or Sonos? Both are excellent, but which is better? 

We could go into a long, detailed explanation on how great both are. But, here’s the bottom line:

If your home is already built, Sonos is probably the way to go. Less expensive, but much less customizable.

If you are building your dream home, Nuvo is golden. A little more pricey, but extremely user friendly and customizable. 

Take your home to the next level.